about me

Michael Quellmalz Dipl. Ing. (FH) for Biomedical Engineering

I studied biomedical engineering at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau (FH) and successfully completed my studies in 2001. I had my first experience as a laboratoryengineer at the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen. In 2005, I switched to industry and was able to gain a wealth of experience at the company Admedes until 2018:

  • Conceptual design, set-up and qualification of new processes,
  • Coordination of internal orders in the testing laboratory and incoming goods inspection for semi-finished products,
  • Accompanying audits by customers and authorities,
  • Continuous development of the quality management system according to ISO 13485,
  • risk management system,
  • validation and qualification system,
  • inspection equipment monitoring,
  • Statistical process control,
  • clean room monitoring and hygiene,
  • Staff management both technical and disciplinary,
  • Intercultural experience through worldwide communication with customers and suppliers and several visits to the USA

I have been able to deepen the management experience I have gained since 2005 through various seminars. The human SUCCESS GmbH taught me many aspects of leadership and team communication which I use successfully in my job and on board. Through the training at Lambson consulting, I also learned to take intercultural peculiarities into consideration, which helped me a lot in communicating with clients.

Besides my family, one of my greatest passions is sailing. After initially sailing with them by chance between 2005 and 2006, I decided to become a skipper myself, and in 2007 I obtained my Sportbootführerschein See and Sportküstenschiffferschein with the sailing school “Emergent Yachting”. The training took place in Stuttgart, on the Ijsselmeer and on the Baltic Sea.

Due to the expansion of my family, my sailing activities in recent years have been limited to Lake Constance. From time to time I go on holiday trips, e.g. to Croatia. I am a member of the sailing club ’72 e.V. Pforzheim.

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